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For convenience and ease of use, Kinesio now offers a handy range of pre-cut applications. These are true Kinesio Taping applications, designed to be customized to your unique needs. Rather than a slap-on application or patch solution, Kinesio Pre-Cuts provide a simple introduction to some basic and easily-understood applications.

Kinesio has chosen some of the most common and well-understood applications to provide in these convenient pre-cut configurations. This select range of pre-cut and individually wrapped applications is ideal for personal use or for situations where there may be extended time between practitioner visits.

The applications have been carefully chosen and designed for simple taping at light and paper-off tension levels.

Kinesio Pre-Cut Back – designed to support over-stretched back muscles and support lower back injuries.

Kinesio Pre-Cut Neck – designed to support the neck due to muscle strain or ligament sprain.

Kinesio Pre-Cut Shoulder – designed to provide support for shoulder muscles and joint problems.

Kinesio Pre-Cut Knee – designed to provide knee and patella support for runner’s knee and discomfort problems.

Kinesio Pre-Cut Wrist – designed to provide support for carpal tunnel syndrome and discomfort problems.

Kinesio Pre-Cut Foot – designed to provide support for plantar fasciitis and discomfort in the arch of the foot.

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